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Breathing Easy - Jaga launches new generation Oxygen system

12/01/2012 - by Jaga admin

Jaga Heating Products UK today announced the launch of its new generation Oxygen system to the UK building services industry. This ground-breaking system, which can be used in buildings of any age or type, is an intelligent and fully controllable heating and ventilation solution that enhances indoor air quality in an energy efficient way.

Jaga’s new generation Oxygen system will help resolve the problem facing new and existing UK buildings of how to meet the increasing Building Regulations Part F & Part L requirements and the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating specifications. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a proven contributing factor to Sick Building Syndrome, and numerous studies have found that low IAQ, which includes an excessive build-up of CO2, can lead to a lack of concentration, and complaints such as lethargy, headaches and nausea. Furthermore, high humidity due to poor air circulation results in condensation - the ideal breeding ground for black mould and dust mites.

To combat the symptoms of a stuffy room, people often merely open a window to ventilate the indoor environment. But this is an ineffective solution, as the temperature of the room can no longer be controlled, noise pollution from outside can be very distracting, and of course there is the increased security risk. Moreover, installing and running both heating and air-conditioning systems will be hugely expensive and incur continually high energy bills. 

‘Studies in Denmark have shown that in an increase in fresh air rate from 5 l/s to 10 l/s results in a 29% improvement in cognitive performance. The new Oxygen system provides a real solution for schools and other indoor environments, by overcoming the predicament of providing good air quality and heating, without sacrificing comfort or increasing energy bills,’ said Paul Kingswell, Commercial Manager, Jaga.

The new generation Oxygen system features four key components: Oxygen Refresh Units silently suck in fresh air from outside, filter it, and the supply it into the room; CO2 Sensors constantly monitor IAQ by measuring ambient CO2 levels in each room; an automated Controller continually regulates the balanced intake and exhaust of air in each individual room; and a smart switch allows a user to briefly boost the flow of fresh air if they feel it is required. Furthermore, during the hot summer months Oxygen’s boost function can be used to deliver effective night-time cooling.

Another important feature of Jaga’s new Oxygen system is its eco-friendly credentials. With Oxygen, the amount of ventilation depends on how stale the air is in each and every room where units are installed, and hence rooms with clean air are not ventilated unnecessarily, and thus no energy is wasted.

The new Oxygen systems come in two versions. The Oxygen Dynamic ventilation system offers complete control and the greatest range of benefits; and for situations where the Dynamic system is not appropriate, the Oxygen Natural ventilation system offers substantial control and significant benefits. The Oxygen system can be fully integrated into Jaga’s sleek, economical and environmentally friendly Low-H20 radiators.

Jaga’s Oxygen system is ideal for use in a variety of locations including schools, colleges and universities, as well as in conference rooms, libraries, call centres, offices, and homes – wherever good IAQ is important. Currently there are trial Oxygen sites at Sudbury School, Wembley; in the new Hull Police headquarters building; and at Walsall’s Chuckery School.

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