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Jaga are delighted to announce that they have secured an order with a project value of £80,000 to supply Sir Thomas Fremantle Secondary School with its Guardian Low Surface Temperature (LST) and Oxygen radiators. The radiators will be installed in the school’s newly built facility in North Buckinghamshire, which is set to increase its pupil numbers from 280 to 600. The installation’s eagerly awaited completion is expected by summer 2017.   read more

The Ansdell Street office chose Jaga Heating Products to install around a 120 meters of Clima Canal trench heaters; small and powerful units providing discreet heating, cooling and ventilation to the Kensington office block. The project, which reached completion in September, chose this specific heating solution for its energy saving benefits as well as the ease of installation.   read more

Jaga’s Low-H2O radiators have achieved energy savings of 16% compared to standard steel-panel radiators, as they are constructed from super thin sheets of aluminium which is a better conductor of heat. This means that the radiator acts much faster when warmth is needed, reducing energy consumption and preventing over-heating. With a 30 year guarantee they are the ideal partner for social housing ensuring that residents can afford to keep the heating on this winter. Learn more about this innovative  read more

Surface Water Source Heat Pumps (SWSHP’s) were previously only thought suitable for under floor heating with its large surface area. However, SWSHP’s can also work well with compact, powerful, energy-efficient radiators – a product type that Jaga continues to lead in. Discover how to enhance the efficiency of a building using both SWSHP’s and Jaga’s Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology via our latest blog.  read more

Because building designs are becoming ever more adventurous we are constantly innovating our heating products to ensure that they match, or even lead, modern designs. With this in mind, we have developed curved trench radiators. These elegant, heating solutions can be specially manufactured to meet the exact requirements of a building, for example curving around pillars and can often help transform something functional into a key element of the buildings aesthetic appeal. Find your ideal trench  read more

At Jaga, we understand that not everyone’s design needs are the same, which is why we offer a variety of trench grilles. Whether you choose to go for a wooden grille in Oak, Beech or Merbau, or wheteher you prefer to go for a more rigid alumininum grille it’s up to you and the desired end result. For those who wish to make a bold design statement, we also offer pebbles and accordion styles. Choose from our wide variety of trench products here or see how UCL matched their grilles to their flo  read more

21/09/2016 - Jaga Admin
At a time when poor people management is hitting the efficiency of UK businesses by an average of eight per cent - costing UK PLC £84bn a year - Jaga Heating Products UK has taken a decisive step to become one of the first companies in the West Midlands to achieve the new, tougher Investors In People (IIP) accreditation.  Investors in People is the accepted standard for people management. With a community across 75 countries worldwide, successful accreditation is widely regarded in the business  read more

Jaga Built-In heating solutions with Low-H2O heat exchangers have been chosen to heat the futuristic 65,000 square foot biospheres currently being built on Amazon's Seattle Campus. The lush plant filled domes are five storeys high and are formed from transparent multiple layers of glass supported by a metal framework. The project is scheduled for completion in late Spring 2017 Image credit: Inhabitat.com   read more

Are you clued up on the multitude of façade heating products that are available or what schools must do to meet funding guidelines when installing heating & ventilation? With Jaga’s latest e guides on Façade Heating and Ventilation in Schools, you can get informed on everything from compliance requirements to the appropriate solutions that Jaga offer.    read more

Ensuring that our radiators are safe AND the right fit is crucial for Jaga. With our Bespoke Maxi Continous Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators, we provide a full site survey – carried out by our resident technical experts - on any prospective project before providing a quote. Our Bespoke Maxi Continuous LST radiators are part of Jaga’s LST radiator range, providing continuous casing from wall-to-wall, and can work in and outside corners. A highly robust heating solution, it is ideal for  read more

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