Stylish designer radiator - Heatwave

Jaga Heatwave is an award winning designer radiator designed by Joris Laarman in the Rococo style. The iconic design is characterised by delicate but substantial ornamentation comprised of up to four interconnecting shapes to create a statement size to suit any interior. This unique radiator with its intricate design provides a truly functional piece of art.
  • Unique craftsmanship and function

    Made from lightweight concrete and aluminium reinforced by glass fibre and coated with a scratch proof resistant lacquer in matt black and light grey providing an innovative and striking piece and industrial efficiency.

  • Innovative, adaptable design

    Four interconnecting pieces can be combined to create an individual design to adapt to any interior or space requirements. This assembly can then be rotated to suit the aesthetics of the space and installed in any orientation.

Heatwave:  Iconic beauty and power
  • Quality, guaranteed

    The Heatwave comes supplied with its own manual valve set and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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